College Farm is a Grade II* Listed building and was built by our ancestors in 1349.  It is now our family home and we have lived here for the last 45 years.  We occasionally let out the garden & grounds for weddings & events and we very much hope you will enjoy your day here.  Please read the following notes carefully which are for your guidance and convenience:

Please note that College Farm is a private house and not a hotel

The house will be kept locked for security reasons but guests staying in the house may gain access at certain times.  For security reasons, non-residents are not allowed in any bedrooms at any time.  Toilets are usually located behind the marquee.  Please note that wedding guests are not permitted to use the toilets in the house.  These are for our private use only.

Access to the House

There is very limited access to the house for the bridal party and please note the house is not part of the venue hire and is our private home where we live.  If you need space to prepare decorations etc please use the marquee and not our kitchen!  We will, of course, offer tea & coffee to the bridal party during the wedding preparations and help in any way we can but we ask that you respect our private space and do not try to abuse our hospitality.

Guest Bedrooms

The Bride & Groom will allocate bedrooms for their guests staying in the house.  If guests (not the Bride & Groom) are paying for their accommodation we ask that all bills are paid before the wedding.  We can accept payment by BACS, cash, cheque or debit card.

Camping Facilities

Campers can use the toilets provided by the Bride & Groom, usually situated behind the marquee.  The Bride & Groom will be invoiced for any rubbish collected from the camp site so please leave the camp site as you found it and remove all litter on departure.  There is a skip on site for all rubbish.  There is a cold tap but there are no shower facilities.  See our Camping Information page for more details.

College Farm is an outdoor DIY wedding venue and you should dress appropriately and be aware of insects and other wildlife.

After Hours Noise

Residents remaining on site as B&B guests or campers are requested to behave in a quiet and orderly manner after the end of the festivities. In particular please do not make excessive noise out of respect to those of us living here, our neighbours and the environment in general.  Noise travels a long way and can sometimes be heard a couple of miles away!


We ask that you only use natural confetti – eg, fresh or dried flowers & petals.  Metallic confetti is strictly prohibited as it is very difficult to clean up & is dangerous for our many animals.  An extra cost will be added to the Bride & Groom’s final invoice if we find any confetti apart from fresh or dried flowers & petals.

Children & Parents

Please do not leave children unaccompanied at any time and be aware that we have ponds close to the house as well as several uneven surfaces, animals (sheep, chickens, llamas, alpacas, cats), gates, farm machinery, etc.  Parents and guardians are responsible for the safety of their children at all times whilst at College Farm.  We reserve the right to ask parents of unsupervised or disruptive children to remove them from the premises.


Good Order and Nuisance

We want all guests to have an enjoyable time but within civilised limits. If disorderly conduct continues after due warning any such guests will be required to leave the premises immediately irrespective of whether they have booked to stay with us.  Guests are required to keep a reasonable level of control & behaviour and this obligation shall extend to noise levels, general behaviour and sobriety. Noise must be kept to a reasonable level at all times.  Please bear in mind that you are attending a private party on private property and not a rock concert in a public venue.

Bars must close by 11pm

All music (live or recorded) must finish by 11.00 pm

Any person not paying heed to this will be asked to leave the premises immediately and College Farm may turn off the power leading to any amplified music.

Lost Property 

We will store any lost property we find and guests may either collect their lost items or arrange for courier collection. We regret we cannot post lost items back to guests. Please ring 01953.483.318 or email to report any lost items and we will let you know if we have found them.


The drive in front of the house should be kept clear on wedding days so that the area looks good for photographs and for access in case of an emergency. Exceptions are for Bridal cars and disabled people. If it is raining we allow cars to drop passengers off and we can lend drivers an umbrella to take with them to the car park.  There is ample parking in the field behind the house – access is via Butters Hall Lane and the car park is well signposted.

Cars may be left overnight but they must be collected by 12 noon the next day when we lock the gate into the car park.  Cars are left entirely at the owners’ risk.


All non-residents are requested to leave the site at the end of the festivities when the generator will be turned off and the site closed for the night.  For security reasons, non-residents are not allowed into the house at any time.

The site must be vacated by midnight.

We reserve the right to change these terms & conditions at any time and without notice.