Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all and let's hope this is a year to remember for all the right reasons!  Last year was pretty miserable for a lot of people for many reasons (apart from the obvious) and we are all hoping for a better 2021 with good health, good weather and a good luck for us all.  The virus wiped out most of our business last year and all our weddings were cancelled and most of our B&B guests had to cancel due to lockdown and Tier restrictions, but we made the most of being closed to guests by starting work on our new honeymoon suite and party barn which we hope will be ready by this summer.  I'm not very good at writing blogs but I promise to try harder this year and to post updates on our building work.

The best news for us last year during lockdown was the announcement of our eldest daughter's engagement so we are busy planning her wedding here at College Farm and hence the impetus to get the building work finished for her wedding in July, Covid permitting.  Apart from being thrilled about my new son-in-law I'm also over the moon that they are getting married here - just as we did back in 1985.  Be prepared for a lot of wedding spam after their wedding!

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